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Bookcase and storage

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Bookcases and storage 

Window seat storage and bookcases in European Oak

Specially selected quarter sawn european oak was used to construct this fitted furniture 

William Evans
Window seats with storage and a run of bookcases to fully fit along the wall below the existing mullion windows was the brief for this project. The bookcases were designed to hide existing pipework in places yet still provide access - and additional hidden storage.

Completely hand made in specially selected quarter sawn European oak highlighting the wood's medullary rays - a classic sign of quality in oak - adding character and beauty to this traditionally styled fitted furniture.

The window seat storage used existing framework to avoid wastage and the project too k around four weeks to complete.


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Study/Library in American Red Oak

The rich, reddish tones of the wood helped create the warm inviting feeling they were looking for 

William Evans
Originally a barn that had been converted for use as a garage, creating a study and library and integrating the room with the rest of the house was the project brief. American red oak was the ideal material as it suited the home owners preference for oak and the rich, reddish tones of the wood helped create the warm inviting feeling they were looking for in the finished room.

It was important that the study was able to accommodate the home owners large book collection and, although the rooms main function was as a library and study, the overall effect was to be that of a wood panelled room. Their interest in the Tudor period of British history was reflected in the tudor style panelled door opening leading into the rest of the house.

The project took around two months to complete with each piece being hand made to perfectly fit the room. Once the study was complete, the fitted furniture was finished with teak oil to enhance the grain of the American red oak.

Fitted Bedroom Furniture

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Fitted Bedrom furniture

Fitted Bedroom Furniture

A painted finish to match the existing funiture

William Evans
Unusually this fitted bedroom furniture was fully constructed in MFC, a material specified by the client to match their existing furniture. A bespoke design for the room, normally this fitted bedroom funiture would ideally be hand crafted in tulipwood before applying a painted finish.

Individually designed with a break front centre section, this fitted bedroom funiture was built to fit along one complete wall. The project took around two weeks from approval of designs to completion